ACCURACY + Fast turnarounds

We know accurate and timely test results are critical in creating the best treatment plan for your patients. Recovery and treatment professionals can depend on Resolve Diagnostics for best in class technologies deployed to the highest standards of truth and accuracy.


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Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
The gold standard in drug testing

LCMS addresses four critical factors that impact the quality of drug testing

  • Accuracy – LCMS sampling, analysis, and data processing methodologies is the most precise in the industry.
  • Sensitivity – LCMS can detect both low and high drug concentrations. Low sensitivity can lead to false negative results. 
  • Selectivity – Similarities in the chemical structure of drugs may lead to false positives without a highl selectivity.
  • Robustness and precision – LCMS offers precise reproduceable results, which is critical in variable samples such as urine.

Advanced LIMS

Our lab uses one of the most advanced laboratory information management systems in the industry, which delivers accurate test results in a customized, easy-to-read format Our LIMS also interfaces with most facility EMRs to help create efficient and effective treatment plans for your patients.

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