Complete wellness diagnostic solutions

Beyond toxicology

Our own experiences in recovery give us a perspective far beyond toxicological results from high tech lab equipment. Yes, we understand the vital importance of timely, accurate, and relevant results to the recovery process. But we also help you assess and form strategies to deploy the right testing regimens for your patients and programs. There is no "one size fits all approach. We develop right kinds of testing, administered at the right time, to promote right patient outcomes. 

Precise, fast, and actionable information

We deliver consistent, accurate results with 24-36 hour turnaround times from Resolve's state of the art laboratories led by highly trained technicians that adhere to exacting internal quality standards and industry best practices for today's fast-changing regulatory and policy environment.

Partners, not providers

Customized solutions
Resolve works with you to develop customized testing protocols and regimens to go hand-in hand with existing programs and workflows.

The right testing

Usage reviews
We can review your present treatment plans and testing protocols and show you how to make them more effective and less costly.